August 2019 Camp Out – Hillsboro, Oregon

August Mosaic Camp Out
with Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art
Denny’s Workshop Helvetia Lavender Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon

August 4 day Campout
Dates:  August 22, 23, 24, 25  2019
Location: Denny’s Workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon
Address: 12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Cost: $500
Theme: OPEN Glass on Glass Projects, Any size projects
Space is limited and return students will get first choice.
Check in Thursday Aug, 22 at 10 am
Check out Sunday Aug 25 at 2 pm
Check out Sunday Aug Bring a trailer, tent, motor home for no extra charge or rent one of the 2 rooms available.
We will provide a the main dishes for meals and ask that each student bring dishes to share. There will be a menu released two weeks before the event, so you can assist in planning our meals. There will be a barbecue, and a mock kitchen set up outside for everyone to use at any time. This is the second annual event. We will have an enclosed eating area set up. The class will limit out at 10 students and I will have several helpers there through out the event. Facials and massages available on Friday and Saturday, for an additional cost.

Register Now For August 4 Day Campout

Stained Glass Mosaic 4 Day Campout with Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art


If you would like to register for this class by payment other than PayPal or you have further questions, please feel free to contact me below.

We have limited space so as you register and pay your deposit please let us know your sleeping accommodations. Last year we had a outdoor shower set up that worked quite well (we did have some kinks, but this year will not be our first rodeo, so expect a nice shower area.

View the 2018 Mosaic Campout Photos

You can get hotel accommodations or come and go as you want.

If you will be flying in please let us know your flight schedule, so we can assist in transportation to and from the venue.

Registration: Contact Denny Miller Nkemontoh at

The 4 day camp out will be a combination of lecture/slideshow, discussion, Q&A, demos, and hands-on instruction. We will have many options for you to choose from or you can bring your own base. We will have all the supplies you could possibly need for any project and you can use as much as you would like. You will not be limited to to the amount of projects you can complete. The focus will be Glass on Glass, but you can work on 3-d mosaics too. We will have recycled glass blocks for night lights, you can make a bird bath from the many satellite dishes we will have available, Dave’s custom frames will be there too! I will also have large vintage windows there for NO additional cost. Kory will work with you to develop any type of mosaic you would like. Another option is to bring a project you have been wanting to finish we can work on that too! You can also select one of the themes that Kory has already taught; branches and blossoms, freestyle flower garden, waves, mandalas, or a landscape mosaic.

Kory will have multiple and hands on cutting demonstrations through out the weekend. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with her to discuss any methods, styles, or techniques you would like to work on.

Location: 12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Maximum Students 15:
Minimum Students 10:

Three and a half days in the lush Oregon countryside, making mosaics with old and new friends.  Pitch your tent (or bring your trailer) and pack a cooler.  Enjoy open-studio time to work on your projects and class sessions led by Kory Dollar.  Work late in the studio, gather around a bonfire, go for an evening hike, or enjoy a outdoor summer massage. This is just one of the many joys that we will have available for our summer mosaic camp out.

About the Helvetia Lavender Farm:

Helvetia Lavender Farm, nestled in the hills overlooking the Willamette Valley a short drive from Portland, demonstrates the versatility of lavender with 60 different varieties in landscaping and cutting fields. Students are welcome to wander through the gardens, enjoy the view from our pavilion, and relax amid the many spots to relax and enjoy the scent of lavender.  There is a beautiful pond on the property and a fantastic fire pit. We will have access to the pavilion where you can have drinks at sunset with your new friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting. The Pavillion is nestled in the trees and gardens overlooking rolling hills and the Cascade Mountains.

Food and Beverage Details:
We will have water, coffee and tea for you to drink, if you want alcoholic beverages you must bring your own. We will provide a barbecue for everyone to use at anytime.  We will provide the main dishes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. There will also be meats, cheeses, veggies, breads, and condiments for you to make a sandwich at anytime. We are asking everyone to pitch in with side dishes, pastries, fruit, salads, and other snacks to share through out the weekend. If you want to bring paper supplies, instead of food that is also an option too. We are planning a nice sit down dinner Friday evening and a  barbecue Saturday night. This is a camp out not a retreat, everyone will be expected to help participate in meals and clean up.

Camping Details:
There is hook up for power and water, if you are bringing a trailer. You must be self-contained. There is no dump station or gray water disposal. We will be limited to the number of trailers, so please let us know the size and type of trailer when you register. If you have extra room in your trailer and want a bunk mate we have students that are looking for a bed.

We have a lot of camping spots with sunset views! Arrive early to set up your tent and get your spot. We have ONE shower on site, there will be a sign-up schedule to use. We assume with keeping the numbers low and having showering schedule it should not be an issue.  There are two bathrooms in the workshop and a few porta potties on site.

We do have 2 loaner tents, one very large that is a 10-man we will be setting up and one 5-man tent. If you want to bring an air bed and a sleeping bag you are welcome to sleep in them but we will most likely limit the 10 man to 4 women and the 5 man to two women, so let us know a head of time if you need to sleep in the tent.

30 Min Massages will be available for an additional cost of $30. Please let Denny know when you register, if you would like to schedule one.

Location: 12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, OR 9712

To Register contact Denny Miller Nkemontoh at or 503-866-0180 to  or visit  for more information on the venue.

For more information about the details of the class contact Kory Dollar at 360-719-9298 or

Kory will demonstrate and discuss a specific nipping style /technique, Glass Shaving® to create a crisp clean edge, using only wheeled nippers. The class will explore how to create movement, using Kory’s signature cut, One-cut Sliver Cut®. Additional topics covered include: committing to a design, selecting a color pallet, varying opacity, Randomization Method®, balance and composition, creating a one-of-a-kind designs, and incorporating found and unusual items. Kory will discuss grout bleed, adhesives, grout additives, and provide tips and tricks to grouting. Mac glue and any other adhesive required will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring additional unique items such as broken jewelry, beads, and tesserae to embellish your mosaic.

There will be a grout demonstration on Sunday. Students are welcome to grout if they have completed the project and glue has dried. If projects are not completed, or dried by 2 pm then a grout package will be available to take home for optional grouting.

Kory notes that she does not strive for perfection; “the art of art is the imperfections.” She says, “It is my goal that I will simplify the process enough to give you ‘artistic freedom without self doubt’. I strive to build confidence in these classes. I do not teach from a pattern, I teach to use your sketch as only a guideline; you are not restricted to the pattern. I will assist you in creating a balanced one-of-a-kind composition, using my uniquely designed simplified steps. We will focus on several unique cuts and I will provide you with tips and tricks that I use daily.”

NOTE: You can not bring extra people unless they are registering for the class, due to bathrooms we just can not allow extras, even if they are not participating.

If the class min is not reached (10) or the teacher cancels, ALL deposits and funds will be returned in full. Maximum students: 15

50% deposits will be required to reserve your spot.
Note: If for any reason the class is canceled due to max number of students (10) not reached, or unforeseen reason 100% of the deposits/all payments will be refunded.
If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so 45 days prior to the event to get a refund, If you cancel 45 days prior to the event we will process your refund, with a $25 administration fee. After the 45 day deadline, we must fill the spot for you to get a refund, with a $50 administration fee. If you cancel 15 days prior for any reason you will forfeit $100 of your deposit and the remainder balance will only be refunded in the event your spot is filled. All final payments must be received 30 days prior to the event.

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