Hope Wahl, Mosaic, Glass on Glass, Stained Glass, Sunset, Elephant

September – Damascus, Oregon

Theme:  Silhouette and Sunsets (6 spots remaining)
September 20 -22, 2019
Hours: Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – Noon
Cost: $375
Location:  Damascus, Oregon (address released after deposit paid).
Registration: Contact Kory Dollar at dollarkory@gmail.com
Host: Phyllis Flury at pflury@comcast.net

silhouette mosaic, elephant

Damascus, Oregon Stained Glass Mosaic Workshop

Register Now for Damascus September 2019


If you would like to register for this class by payment other than PayPal or you have further questions, please feel free to contact me below.

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4 thoughts on “September – Damascus, Oregon

  1. Hello…i am interested in planning ahead to take one if your classes. Do you have your 2020 class schedule available? I have spoken with several of your students and they all say…take one of Korys classes. It would be myself and my girlfriend of 30,years. We live in Mcminnville Oregon so Oregon or California. Thanks

    1. Hello Arlene, I would love to have you attend one of my classes or retreats. I usually stick to the same schedule as the following year. I will get it up on the website soon. If you are in McMinnville, Oregon. I do a great retreat in January 2020, at a Vineyard (January , 10, 11, 12) in Salem (Hopewell). The cost is $450, without lodging. You can upgrade for $75 / night for a queen room and $100 / night for a king suite. I have no problem with two people sharing a room. I also have several spots left for the August Retreat at Deer Island Manor, Oregon (Aug 9, 10, 11). The Manor is only a few miles from my home and It is an amazing venue. I also have spots in Damascus, Oregon . Call me if you need to 360-719-9298

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