November 13 –15, 2020 Scappoose, Oregon

November 2020- Glass on Glass Mosaic Retreat with Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art

Theme:  Large Scale Mosaics Focus with an Open theme choice of Flower Garden, Mandala, Rooster, Sunsets and Silhouette, or Birds

Date: November 13, 14, 15,  2020
Location: Scappoose Creek Inn Scappoose, Oregon 
Max Students 15 Minimum Students 6
Cost: $650 for private room save $50 per person if sharing
We will be working on the same substrate used for the large scale mosaics,

12″ x 12″ will be included in the class, but actual sizes could vary and additional fees could apply if selecting large substrates.  

What is special about this location? We work till 10 pm. All food is provided. The studio space is in a old barn. There is extra supplies because my studio is only 5 miles. It is a great weekend get away. Alcoholic beverages are not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have sit down restaurant style meals that are amazing. Sherry the host fantastic. If you are flying in we can arrange transportation. We always have an option of a massage or a facial (one or the other) I like to rotate this. massages and facials are additional costs. There is a lot more demonstrations than a normal class because of the long class times. You can work in your pajamas. I always have at least 50% return students to all classes and this venue is one of the top rated. You can fly in a day early or stay a day later you are are subjected to hotel rates (private rooms must be booked for the entire event). Private rooms can be shared with only one upgrade fee. You can bring a significant other, even if they are not participating the food charge is an additional $100. King room must be booked in advance, they fill fast.

Studio tours back to Kory Dollar’s studio are available at no additional cost.

This is a weekend get away! You don’t need to bring anything except a creative mind and a good attitude. We do work very hard at these events, but the end results are amazing.

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Registration: Contact Kory Dollar at or visit for more information.

The steps to designing a quality mosaic should be taken seriously. These classes are developed to foster knowledge, skill, and style. It is my goal to mold you into a fearless creative mind, creating from your materials. I will provide you with rules, tips and tricks that will increase your cutting skills, design skills, and give you steps to create a quality one-of-a-kind stained glass mosaic. I have been specializing in glass on glass mosaics for 20 years, through trial and error, I have developed a process that will assist you in understanding how to design a glass on glass mosaic that looks good at night without light and good during the day with light. We will discuss balance, color theory, physics of glass and why it breaks the way it does. I will teach you to use my rules as a guideline to foster your personal creativity, they, and you are welcome to break them. It is important we have fun and release stress, not create it. Don’t over think the process. It is essential to train you to use your creative side to cultivate “artistic freedom without self-doubt.” Think back to when you were a child; you created for expression, not to please others. The more you produce, the better you get. When you do something all the time you become good at it. Practice is how you get better. Another process we will discuss in depth is pre-cut and cut to fit glass, randomization, and the direct method. We will practice cutting glass because the more you cut the better you get.  I will teach you process; the progression is what will make you quicker and confident to commit to your design and cuts. The act of doing will develop confidence in cutting ad sharpen your skills and self-assurance. In my classes your mosaic is your world…you are the artist; I encourage you to take my suggestions and tips but use your instincts to develop your piece.

I will encourage you to create with passion, strive for originality, make your own rules and break them! Have you ever herd of the saying, if you don’t use it you lose it? Practice makes perfect! Now let’s learn some rules, cutting techniques, and tips and tricks to promote your creativity. The objective is for you to design a one-of-a-kind design, a lifetime piece of art. I want you to gain the confidence in the design aspect, understand how to create good art. The three-step method I have created will assist you in doing just that. Understand how to break your design into layers, specific cuts, and control the directional flow. We will discuss the best way to select your glass using the opacity rules created specifically for glass on glass. Technique and style will be addressed. I will encourage you to use my process and commit to your design quickly. Grouting and glue tips will be addressed in this workshop.

Reservations made are non-refundable 45 days prior to event. Although credits can be given in extenuating circumstances. 

Private Room – November 2020 – Scappoose Creek Inn

Reserve a private room. Cost includes cost of workshop, food, and lodging. Lodging for Friday and Saturday night. Additional nights can be reserved at hotel rates contact Scappoose Creek Inn at


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