Mosaic Flower Challenge

Glass on Glass Flower Garden Mosaic by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fie Art

Join the challenge to be creative! Order your mosaic flower garden kit NOW! $75 and $13.20 shipping.

We challenge you to get your creative juices flowing in your own home! It is not a competition it is a challenge to inspire art in the comfort of your home. This project is designed for any skill level. Each kit will vary in colors and will not be the same to create uniqueness.

Your kit will include: $75
1 hand cut flowers, each will be unique and ready to glue down.
2, 2.5 oz. hand cut sliver cut blend to make multiple sizes of dahlias, estimated 6 flowers total
1, 3 oz. cups of hand made dots blends – colors will vary from pack to pack, so flowers are different – estimated 5 flowers per blend depending on how you use them.
1, 2.5 oz. cup of tempered translucent blue mirror – to add a pop of reflectivity to the sky!
1, 10 oz. pack of green grass blend – more than enough to complete a 12 x 12 flower garden.
10 oz. pre-cut sky blend – more than enough to complete a 12×12 flower garden.
1, 4 ” x 6″ signed flower garden photo by Kory Dollar

Flower Garden Challenge Kit

Kits include all glass for at least a 12″ x 12″ mosaic. Kits do not include substrate, glue, or tools. After you have completed the challenge, email a photo to and we will feature it on our website. Cost of kit is $75 and shipping is $13.20 – Total for kit is $88.20 with shipping included.


We will provide more than enough glass to complete a 12 ” 12″ substrate – the substrate will not be included.

What will you need? Nippers, glue of your choice of glue ( we recommend Mac Glue) , substrate (Piece of glass to glue on. It could be a vintage frame, old cupboard door, microwave plate, or a picture frame.) sanded grout.

If you participate in the challenge you will be featured on Marvelous Mosaic’s New Gallery page. This is not a competition it is a challenge to get you creating art! It can be done with your family and kids. If your work is shared online tag Kory Dollar or Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art.

Order your Challenge to Be Creative Kit NOW!

Please bare with us while we improve our website, If you are ordering multiple items (flower kit and tools or multiple tools) it is best to email . Email what you would like and we will create an invoice for you.

Mosaic Master Kit

This kit will include all items you need to start your glass on glass journey with success. Includes nippers, scorer, running pliers, breaking pliers, all the scrapping tools you need, grout essential kit, Mac Glue, Lexel, safety glasses, glue brush, and many other added accessories necessary for glass on glass. Shipping and handling included


*8 oz bottles of mac glue are sold out.

*We are out of glue brushes until further notice.

Fletcher Scoring Tool – Designer II – wide head

The best scoring tool on the market. Made in USA and it is fantastic at cutting thicker glass. It will make the cuts more efficiently than any other glass cutter on the market.


Running Pliers

Glass Running Pliers – light weight PLASTIC RUNNING Pliers for and even break. Blue Runner by Leponitt. I like these because sometimes we tend to squeeze too hard and the plastic ones tend to create a more even break, with better success.




X-acto and 5 chisel blades

This is an essential tool for glass on glass mosaics.


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