Virtual Private Mosaic Lessons

Mosaic Pre-cuts by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art

Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art is pleased to announce she will be offering 1 hour virtual classes. Kory is a stained glass mosaic artist, specializing in glass on glass mosaics. Since we can’t meet face to face at this time, lets take advantage of the amazing technologies we have at our finger tips and do some virtual learning.

Sign up now, we will email you to schedule a time, typical lesson will be held M-F Scheduling into August at this time
9 A.M – 2 P.M PST. If you would like to schedule outside this time please email, we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

1. Cutting with Confidence – $75
Half Dollar Rule ® – Understand the physics of glass and why glass breaks the way it does. Become confident in your glass cutting skills; knowing where the glass is going to break before it it does. Understand why certain glass breaks the way it does. Kory will demonstrate all of her signature cuts (tear drop, “Ray”, “Rooster-Tail”, circle cut, sliver cut, c-cut, diamond, square, rectangle cut). Free 15 Min tool consultation one week prior to your lesson. Lesson are available for beginner to novelist, lessons will be altered to skill level.

2. Composition and Design for Glass on Glass  – $75
Three Step Method for Glass on Glass Mosaics ® Simplify your designs, create good art, and understand process. Learn how to create a lifetime piece of fine art.  
Opacity Rules for Glass on Glass ® Understand how to create optimal nighttime and daytime view. 
Glue Rules for Glass on Glass  ® Understand the tricks of the trade.
After this lesson you will know how to glue, what glue to use, the best glue application, how to remove the glue, and the best tools for gluing. Kory will discuss her process for design, technique and process of designing a well balance mosaic that will last a lifetime. These skills are essential to creating a lifetime piece of fine art, pertaining specifically to glass on glass mosaics. The course can be tailored to all skill levels, from beginning to advanced students.

3.  Design Consultation  $75 
After taking the first two workshops; Cutting with Confidence, and Composition and Design for Glass on Glass Mosaics. The Consultation will assist students in designing their next glass on glass. This workshop can also be used for advanced student’s to discus and work though design ideas and complications associated with any glass on glass project.

4. Grouting for Glass on Glass -$75
Know the proper products to use to simplify grouting. Kory will walk you through the entire grout process a grout essential kit can be purchased for $6 and a list of products to be purchased will be emailed to you, after your register.  

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