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Workshops, Classes, and Private Lessons

  • Are you looking for a new hobby?
  • Have you always wanted to find a way to release stress and anxiety?
  • Do you want to learn how to express yourself through creativity?
  • Are you looking for a unique adventure?
  • Do you want to a creative outlet?
  • Are you looking for ways to introduce your children to art?

Marvelous Mosaic offers an outstanding array of classes, workshops, private lessons, group party packages for ALL AGES and ABILITIES.

Kory uses mosaics as therapy and recommends anyone looking for a way to release anxiety to try mosaics. Mosaics are great for releasing tension; first of all you get to break glass. Have you ever had such a bad day that you just want to break something? Well, mosaics allow you to crack that vase with a hammer or cut that dish with some nippers, providing artistic outlet release your stress.

The primary goal of all mosaic classes is to offer beginners and intermediate level students a chance to learn a new hobby or skill. The classes are information-packed courses designed to enhance skills and develop artistic expression.  All levels of experience is welcome to join in the fun; Kory has experience working with pre-school aged children to disabled adults. You are welcome to contact Kory Dollar if one of the package do not meet your needs You can schedule your private workshop, or group party at the location of your choice anywhere in Oregon or Washington the minimum participants is 8-10. Specific class topics include but are not limited to safety, composition and design, adhesives, tools, and cutting skills.

What to bring to all the classes, workshops, and private lessons:

The primarily medium is recycles stained glass and bottles which will all be provided, but you are encouraged to bring other trinkets and treasures to incorporate into your project, like jewelry, stones, broken pottery or an old family heirloom. Including special treasures in your masterpiece is what makes your mosaic art unique.

  • Bring a creative mind
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Dress in work clothes
  • Bring any mosaic tools you are currently working with (tools are not required)

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Private Lesson / Large Individual Project

Come to the studio for some one-on-one time. This is the class that is the most popular! We start with a vintage window. You can select from any that I have in-stock. I will work with you teaching you how to create the mosaic GOG (glass on glass) window from start to finish. You will learn how to prep the window frame. We will cover safety, cutting tips, adhesive instruction,  composition and design, grouting and much, much, more. I will tailor the class to fit your needs! You are encouraged to bring special items to include in your design, like broken jewelry, plates, cups, anything that will make your piece unique or special to you. Students are also encouraged to select a  theme and color scheme before the class.

  • Base: Vintage Window (sizes based on availability)
  • Minimum Hours 16: two- 7 hour blocks to work on mosaic + 2-4 hour block to grout
  • Number of work days: 3
  • Cost: $400/student – $25/hour/student
  • Location: Marvelous Mosaic
  • Minimum Students: 1
  • Maximum Students: 3
  • Theme: Student’s choice
  • Age: 12 years and above

Small Individual Projects

  • Base: 8 x 8 glass block or 12 x 12 wood wall hanging
  • Cost: $125/Student
  • Number of work days: 1
  • Length of class: 5-6 hours
  • Location: Marvelous Mosaic – Columbia City, Oregon
  • Minimum Students: 1
  • Themes: Students Choice
  • Age: 12 and above
  • This package does not include grouting instruction. Client picks up finished product one week from class. If student wants to learn how to grout, it is a 2 hour class scheduled for at least 48 hours after project if finished for $50 extra.

Small Group Workshop

Are you looking to schedule a mosaic workshop? Gather a group of friends and Kory will come to you. We will have a mosaic party! I will bring all the supplies and tools and we can design a small group workshop to fit your needs. Work one-on-one with Kory to develop a themed workshop for your needs.

  • Base: 12 x 12 wooden wall hanging or 8 x 8 glass light
  • Minimum Hours: 8 hours – 6 hour block to work on mosaic Number of work days: 2
  • Cost:  $125/ person
  • Location: Anywhere in Oregon or Washington
  • Minimum Students: 5
  • Maximum Students: 10
  • Theme: Student’s choice
  • Age: No age restrictions

Large Group Project

Party Package for wedding showers, baby showers, anniversary, birthday, or a special occasion. Are you wanting to throw a party and WOW your guests?

Do you want your guests to have a unique experience?

Marvelous Mosaic offers party packages for your special occasion. Are you looking for a creative experience with your children or family?

What is a party package? Well, you give us a theme and we come with all the supplies and a design in mind and your guests can work on the mosaic. Then we take it home and grout it and bring it back for that special gift. Generally, this is addition to a party to keep the guests entertained while offering them a unique experience. You can invite them to bring special treasures to add into the mosaic. I am a photographer, so I take photos and give you a digital copy of the party. This package is available to all ages. You can select any theme and Kory will design and select the perfect colors of glass for your vibrant stained glass mosaic and in the end you get a one-of-a-kind piece of art made by your guests.

  • Base: Vintage Window (sizes based on availability)
  • Length of Party: 3-4 hours depending on group
  • Cost: $450 / group
  • Location: Anywhere in Oregon or Washington
  • Minimum Students: 2
  • Maximum Students: 15
  • Theme: Hosts Choice
  • Age: No age restrictions
  • Project does not include grout instruction. Project goes home with instructor and is available to pick up one week from date of class.

Open Studio Time

  • Where: Columbia City, Oregon.
  • Open Studio Times: Monday – Friday 8 A.M – 6 P.M
  • Cost: $25 / hour with all materials included

Come learn how to create mosaics., or just work in the studio. If you are an advanced student, you can bring a project to the studio, work in a relaxed environment and just pay for studio time! If you are a beginner, I will set you up with a large project or a small project. I will give you basic safety instruction and work with you in the studio to answer any questions you may have. I can give you cutting tips, help you with design and composition, assist in color choice and much more.  I will be your mentor! The studio is a great place to release that stress of the demanding schedules we have. I encourage you to bring your children and work with you on the same project or one of their own (contact me for pricing discounts will be applied). If you are an advanced student, you can bring a project to the studio, work in a relaxed environment and just pay for studio time and supplies!

Did you start a mosaic and just need the inspiration to finish it? Do you need help with grouting? I can give you valuable information and suggestions to assist you in with any of your mosaic needs. I will teach you tips and tricks to increase durability of your mosaics, as well as show you tools that I find make mosaics a lot easier.

Please contact me 24 hours in advance for reservation of studio time. I can be reached by email, text, or phone; Kory Dollar 360-719-9298 or

 Contact Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic for more information

Phone: 360-719-9298

Pre-registration required for all classes and workshops. 

All of the pricing and packages can be tailored to your needs.

Commissions Accepted

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