Birds and Bees 3-D sculptures with Karen Kingsbury – February 16, 17, 18, 19 2024


This is a one-of-a-kind experience…. An inclusive mosaic retreat!
“The Birds and the Bees”
Teacher – Karen Kingsbury
Dates – February 17 – 20 2023
Theme – Birds and Bees
Sculpture Class
Cost – $900

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This is a one-of-a-kind experience… An inclusive mosaic retreat!!! KAREN KINGSBURY IS COMING TO MARVELOUS MOSAIC FINE ART’S STUDIO!!! We couldn’t be more excited to host her!!!

What is included in your purchase –

4 days of learning and creating with Karen Kingsbury

2, 3D sculptures

Breakfast and lunch for all 4 days – $75 charge for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Dinner

3 nights in our Cozy Cove Twin Lodging – Additional nights can be added to your stay. If you are flying in, we recommend coming in a day early and staying a day late or taking a Monday evening flight home. Extra night pricing Cozy Cove Twins $50.

Visit Karen’s website here.

In this workshop, we will be learning so many different techniques to build and mosaic hand-made sculptures! Students will be making either a bird shape or a bee shape during the class, using simple materials you can find at any hardware store. In addition, while their sculptures are curing, we will provide a second fully cured sculpture to mosaic made by Karen. 2 sculptures in one workshop!

Each student will make a whole sculpture, from base to Pal Tiya, to the mosaic process. Then, while their personal sculpture cures, they get to mosaic a pre-made sculpture from me! Elements we can use besides the regular characters of glass tiles and dishes are found objects and hand-pulled glass from Kory Dollar! Two artists in one workshop! How does that sound?

Day 1 – Planning and drawing the shape of our 3-D sculpture. Learn about materials, including modeling from cement or Pal Tiya. Learn and use techniques to build an armature. Create their bird or bee sculpture. By the end of day one, the sculpture will rest and cure for 24 hours.

Day 2 – Mosaic techniques to bring your outdoor sculpture to the next level with glass, beads, and found objects. We provide a small pre-made sculpture, fully cured to work on. Students will learn about adhesives they can use on their sculptures. In the evening, we can work on adding any fine details to our cured sculpture, such as legs, wings, and head.

Day 3 – more mosaic work. Kory will demonstrate, and then students will choose their own pulled glass pieces to add an added element to their sculptures.

Day 4 – grout day, and finishing at least one of the 2 sculptures. Students will mosaic their handmade sculptures at home.

Once registered Karen will reach out with more details.


Creative Spirit

Slippers with hard bottoms

Water bottle and coffee/teacup with a lid

Sweatshirt and Long pants and t-shirt and shorts – The weather is unpredictable here, so it might be hot or cold.



Bring clothes you do not care about.

We have basic amenities, i.e., hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, pillows, bedding, and ear plugs.

Cozy Cove Twins are built into the walls!! Extremely sturdy, easy to get in and out of, and incredibly comfortable! Outlets are available and easy to access.

Students can bring additional unique items such as broken jewelry, beads, and tesserae to embellish their mosaic.

Stay with us, do not book a hotel, trust us it is to your benefit. Our venue/studio is fabulous. You’ll be amazed. Cozy Cove lodging is included in the retreat cost. No discounts are given if you stay elsewhere. If you are adding nights or wish to upgrade, please email us at or message us on Facebook.

Flying in? Transportation can be added to your package. Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged for $100 each way. Our studio is located about 50 miles from the airport, a 2-hour round trip for our driver. Cab or Uber transportation is either not available or more costly.

There is so much planned! The studio is open till 9 pm. each night, and instruction is available until 5 pm. This studio is unlike any other, located inside a 2000 sq. ft. gymnasium, it offers an inviting artistic atmosphere.

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Email any food allergies to Thank you.

*All reservations are final. No refunds are given on retreats; you will have the option to reschedule within 6 months if you must cancel for an unforeseen reason. YOUR CREDIT IS HELD BY Marvelous Mosaic AND CAN ONLY BE used for GOG kits, or CLASSES TAUGHT BY KORY DOLLAR. Cancelations within 45 days, your spot must be filled to receive full credit, and partial credit will be given. Cancel 30 days prior for any reason you will forfeit your credit. Final payments must be received 30 days before the event.


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