Ornament Making – December dates posted


Available Dates

December 10, 11, and 15, 2022

2 sessions are available each day, with 6 spots per class.

Session start at either 11 A.M or 2:30 P.M

Upgrade to 5 ornaments for $20 more.

Or book a private session


Bring yourself and your kids in to make one-of-a-kind ornaments for family and friends or unique ornaments for your family’s tree. The class will run for about 1 hr and you can make 3 ornaments. For a $20 upgrade, you can make 5.
$200 class option – Find a few friends and save $5 per person. Price includes 4 people, additional participants are $50 each, max 8 people. EACH PARTICIPANT WILL MAKE 5 ORNAMENTS UNDER THE GROUP OPTION. Once registered you will be contacted to schedule a time between Tuesday – Saturday 10 A.M – 4 P.M (preferred), we will schedule outside of business hours if these times do not work for you. This option is a great way to get together with friends or family and do something new!! Our space is welcoming and you will have a great time!!
Photos represent only a few options for ornaments, there will be plenty of supplies and designs to choose from.

Additional information

Available Classes

December 10 @ 11 A.M, December 10 @ 2:30 P.M, December 11 @ 11 A.M, December 11 @ 2:30 P.M, December 15 @ 11 A.M, December 15 @ 2:30 P.M, Private Booking Tues – Sat 11 A.M – 4 P.M


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