Vitrigraph and Murrine Workshop


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We have 3 spots remaining in the Vitrigraph Murrine Workshop

Date: September 11, 12, 2021

Cost $475

Location: Deer Island, Oregon

Number of spots: 8

Number of open spots: 3

COE: 90

3 Instructors – each instructor will bring a wealth of information

1. Carlyne Lynch

3. Kory Dollar

4. Rachel Dollar


Day One:

• 6+ hours of live, in-person professional instruction

• Discuss opacity, spectrum, and color theory as it relates to Vitrigraph Murrine

• Participate in discussion on how glass reacts to temperature and heat, with a focus on viscosity

• Vitrigraph safety review

• Discuss the types of equipment used, the various crucibles to use, and where to buy supplies

• Learn how to load and fire crucibles

• Receive firing schedules and understand temperature control

• Watch 2 live demos on pulling vitrigraph stringers, cane, flats and twisty

• Studio will be open till 8 pm Saturday night, with open studio

• kilns will be available to use and fire on Saturday evening

• Students will have access to supplies to create small fusions, during open studio time in the evening and use the live demo products.

• Select Colors for day 2 Vitrigraph pull and pair students with instructors, kilns and partners

o Color Options

 Pink/Purple

 Yellow/Orange

 Blue/White

 Brown

 Green/Yellow

o Pattern Options

 Circles

 Stripes

Day Two

• 6+ hours of live, in-person professional instruction.

• A practical training in Vitrigraph techniques

• 2 student per kiln (4 kilns)

• One instructor per kiln (4 instructors)

• Review examples that demonstrate techniques

• Participate in discussion on potential problems and how to fix or lessen them

• Pull rods, stringers, flats, twisty, bulbs, hallows (the two students will pull)

• Receive and discuss multiple firing schedules on phases of Vitrigraph components

Students will be able to watch other pulls in action during hands on learning time, all kilns will not be pulling at the same time. This will allow students that learn by watching to understand the process and the proper safety precautions

Class Designed For:

• Beginners to advanced level users

• Learners who learn more efficiently by demonstration and actual experience

• For those who want to save time and money experimenting

• Those who need to understand high fired glass Firing Schedules

• Those who need to sharpen their pulling skills and understand the cane making process

• Handouts that discuss in detail the learning components of the class

• Those who want to possess a bundle of cane and strings for use in future projects

Classroom: This workshop will take place in our large and spacious classroom, 2100 sq feet. Studio is home to instructor Kory Dollar, Rachel Dollar and Jonah Williams

Address: 64535 Columbia River HWY Deer Island, Oregon 97054

Demonstration: Our instructors will lead discussions and demonstrations throughout the two days with a combination of slide show, handouts, and hands on learning

Social distancing will be maintained both days, students will be required to follow all recommended state guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

Tools and Glass: All kilns will be set up with all the materials and tools you will need. COE: 90 will be used.

Safety: Wear NO polyester or flammable clothing. Cotton long sleeve shirts and long pants will be required. Closed toe shoes will also be required. We will require eye protection and will have safety glasses available however, if you prefer to wear your own eye wear bring them with you to class.

Disclaimer: All information taught in workshops is intellectual property of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art and instructors. No material can be shared online in any form. Material you are taught is not too be used for teaching purposes, it can not be duplicated, shared online, put into a tutorial, book, or ebook. Patterns and techniques learned in the workshop are intellectual property.


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