About Kory

Kory Dollar is the owner of Marvelous Mosaic; she is a fine artist, specializing in stained glass mosaics particularly glass on glass or GOG. Kory is intrigued by glass and its dimensional effects it can produce by illumination; she uses light, reflection, and negative space to create her mosaics. She up-cycles wood framed windows and creates beautiful mosaic sun-catchers or privacy screens that can be hung in a window or on a covered patio. Kory also accepts custom orders for large mosaic murals, backsplashes, and fireplaces. She specializes in flowers, blossom trees, nautical, mandalas, and goddesses. Kory’s passion for creating comes from nature and nurture. Kory grew up with an artistically inclined family always encouraging her to use self-expression as a form of mediation. From a very young age, she has had practice working in many mediums; wood, stained glass, clay, ink, acrylic, and watercolor. Kory’s inspiration for her mosaics comes from design, texture, and color of the stained glass itself. She is motivated to leave a healthy artistic footprint behind for her children; she is driven by her need to artistically express feelings, desires, and visions. There are natural patterns in the glass that artistically energize her creative since of style, to generate movement in the piece. If you study her mosaics you will find all the glass is hand cut using a freestyle method she developed. She cuts most of her pieces with wheeled nippers, a glass scorer, and running pliers.

29 thoughts on “About Kory

  1. I’ve known Kory professionally for a few years and have worked with her on several projects. She is hard working, very detail oriented, and her art is exquisite. On a personal level, you couldn’t ask for a sweeter person to deal with. Working with her is a always a pleasure.

  2. Would love to join a class please add me to list. I live in Kalama WA good friends with Burnanette,,,,, please advise of classes near us after April.

  3. Looking for July or August dates for a mosaic retreat. Please let me know, would like something norh of our hot desert in Arizona!

  4. Just had the best time at Kory’s Wildflower Garden Mosaic Retreat. It was in Ft Worth, TX. Lots of instruction and assistance, I’m so proud of my piece! Thanks for a great time! Can’t wait till the next retreat!

  5. Kory, hi. I am hoping there will be a class this summer in Portland. I live in Bend, but have friends in Salem to stay with. Trying to find your schedule..thanks. .

  6. Corey I seen you with your beautiful work at some different art shows in the past. When and where is your next show?

  7. Hi Kory:
    Are you available for any private lessons? If so, how much per day?
    I’m traveling around Seattle this weekend and could maybe do this Tuesday. Not sure if you only do classes now or not.

  8. Hi there, I am signed up for your end of May 2 1/2 day workshop. I have a gifted artist friend that would very much like to attend this. Would you have room for one more or maybe she could be on a waiting list?
    I am looking forward to meeting you and attending your class.

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