Mosaic Scrap Glass for Sale

Orange Opaque Transparent blend – 10 lb

$45 total cost free shipping 10lbs of Orange scrap glass Pieces ranging from 1″ to 6′ Limited Supply


10 lbs of Light Pink -10 lb

10 lbs, $65, free shipping Light pink mosaic scraps 1″ to 6″ pieces


SPECIAL 10 lbs Mixed Blend – VARIETY PACK

Blend of mixed colors - get a variety pack of mosaic glass free shipping


SPECIAL 20 lbs of mixed scrap

$75, FREE SHIPING 20 lbs of mixed scrap glass sizes ranging from 1" to 6"


10 lbs of white scrap

white scrap glass sizes ranging 1″ – 6" 10lbs - $40 with free shipping


About Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art

Hello my name is Kory Dollar. I am a full time stained glass mosaic artist. I own Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art . Art is my passion; I love my job. My passion is teaching and creating beautiful memories with my students and life long friends. I enjoy to bring confidence to women and provide them with a creative outlet to express anything they would like.

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