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Complete your very own Glass on Glass mosaic flower garden! All project material included plus receive an hour how to lesson. Flower Garden Kit comes with a substrate, all the glass you need, and handmade one of kind inclusions. All glass is pre-cut and you will be taught how to glue and place pieces as well as how to cut-to-fit the pre-cut blends.
What will you need? Nippers and black sanded grout.

Receive an additional hour with Kory learning signature cuts. Become confident in your cutting skills and learn Kory’s signature cuts. Half Dollar Rule ® – *Understand the physics of glass and why glass breaks
the way it does. Become confident in your glass cutting skills; knowing
where the glass is going to break before it it does. Understand why certain
glass breaks the way it does. Kory will demonstrate all of her signature
cuts (tear drop, circle cut, sliver cut, c-cut, diamond, square, rectangle cut).


Flower Garden Online Workshop for Glass on Glass includes

1 hour one-on-one zoom lessons. Students will learn process and how to create a quality Glass on Glass mosaic that will last. We will guide you on how to create your kit with the precut glass sent to you.

Flower garden kit includes –

2 pre-cut flowers

12″ x12″ custom Dollar-Wise frame designed for Glass on Glass

2 oz. Glass Glue

2, 2.5 oz. hand cut sliver-cut blend to make multiple sizes of dahlias, estimated 3-6 flowers

2, 1 oz. – 1.5 oz packs handmade murrine and glass dot blends – colors will vary, estimated 5 flowers per blend

2.5 oz. cup of tempered translucent blue mirror – add reflectivity to the sky! ($10 value)

7 oz. pre-cut green grass blend

7 oz. pre-cut sky blend

10 handmade vitrograph stems

4 ” x 6″ signed flower garden photo by Kory Dollar
ALL KITS ARE ONE OF KIND we do not sell cookie cutter kits. Our kits go above and beyond. No other kit is comparable. All our dots and stems are made from vitrograph murrine pulled in our studio.
Student must have nippers and black sanded grout. If you do not have this tool, they can be purchased separately here.
To learn signature cuts, sign up for an added cutting lesson.
*View a live video and see an example of the flower garden options.

**Any kit ordered and shared online must credit Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art for design. This is huge for business, and thank you so much!

3 reviews for Online Flower Garden Kit with Lesson

  1. Cherie

    These kits are perfect for a beginner like myself. Everything is cut for you. Just a few snips on some pieces and you can make these beautiful flower gardens. And having Kory guide you with her talent helps so much. It was nice that I didn’t have to invest in many tools to start. Love these!!

  2. Cherie

    Try his was my first project I tried when starting mosaics. It was not overwhelming. Kory helps you through it. Precut pieces are the best to start out with. The kit makes beautiful flower gardens.

  3. Terry

    This is a terrific offer. The kits include Bullseye glass and MAC glue. Lovely colors and the frames are amazing. Precuts are designed to assist in focusing on creating a piece of art that is worthy to showcase. Kory is generous in sharing her knowledge and has a great sense of humor, which has encouraged me to take a workshop. After my first kit and lesson with Kory, my husband told me that my mosaics have improved 1000% and I have to agree with him. I have taken a glass cutting session to learn the original cuts that Kory has created. I now have movement in my mosaics and I feel so inspired to create.

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