Flower Garden Mosaic Kit by Kory Dollar


Every kit is unique, all will include:

  • 1 custom Dollar-Wise frame designed for Glass on Glass
  • 1, 2 oz. of MAC
  • 2, 2.5 oz. hand cut sliver cut blend to make multiple sizes of dahlias, estimated 3-6 flowers
  • 3 oz. cups of hand made dots blends – colors will vary from pack to pack, estimated 5 flowers per blend depending on how you use them.
  • 2.5 oz. cup of tempered translucent blue mirror – to add a pop of reflectivity to the sky!
  • 2 oz. vitirgraph stems
  • 7 oz. pack of green grass blend
  • 7 oz. pre-cut sky blend
  • 1-3 fused flower
  • 4 ” x 6″ signed flower garden photo by Kory Dollar


Create your very own Glass on Glass Mosaic Flower Garden.

We will provide more than enough glass to complete a 12″ x12″ mosaic handmade wired hanging, custom Dollar-Wise frame included.

What will you need? Nippers and sanded grout.

Why are our kits the best on the market? They are all one of kind and hand picked for each order. We included the highest quality glass, substrate and glue.
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