Transparent Mirror


Transparent and reflective mirror, great for GOG

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Great for GOG

1/4 thick translucent mirror
variety pack includes 9, 5 oz packs

  1. platinum
  2. gold
  3. copper
  4. bronze
  5. smokey gray
  6. turquoise
  7. cobalt blue
  8. baby blue
  9. forest green
  10. red bonus pebbles

This product is a great addition to glass on glass mosaics. Something unique about this glass is the reflectivity and transparency are combined into one piece, giving it an added element to glass on glass. This product is thicker than stained glass 1/4″, but it works quite well as an addition. I like it better than colored mirror because 1) Colored mirror is not being reproduced, so it is very hard to find.

2) It doesn’t spot like mirror and it doesn’t have to be treated.

3) I have tested it for years.

Directions: Glue mirror side down with Mac, Glass Glue, Lexel, or your glue of choice.