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1 fletcher wide head scoring tool


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This is the best scoring tool on the market, the oil is felt fed meaning no oil leaking all over your projects. The wide non swivel head allows for ease of scoring, you will be able to make cuts easier than ever imagined. Non swivels features allows for more accurate and steady scores.

This CRL Fletcher® Gold-Tip® Designer II® Wide Head Glass Cutter with Clear Pistol Grip Handle is made from the highest quality materials for flawless performance time after time. The Fiberlock® Anti-Leak Fluid Dispensing System lays down a perfect bead of fluid for smooth, precise scores. Machined from hardened steel, the head, ball bearing axle, and wheel slot are designed to resist wear and tear and guide the polished tungsten-carbide cutting wheel. The lightweight plastic handle is perfectly balanced for effortless cutting and gives you a viewing window to monitor the cutting fluid level. Cutting wheel hone angle is 140 degree, perfect for general cutting up to 3/8″ (9.5 mm) thick glass.                   V Plus each cutter has the option for fixed or swivel head cutting. The handle has a tapping ball on the end for easy break-out of the glass. A superb cutting tool for the glazing professional.Important Notes

Always wear the proper protective safety gear when cutting glass. Failure to do so can result in user injury.




2 reviews for Fletcher wide head scoring tool

  1. Sonja

    I am a better artist because of this tool! It is the best one I have used! With this tool and Kory’s cutting lesson I cut glass better than ever.

  2. Felicia

    I did an online glass cutting lesson with Kory Dollar during the shut down and purchased this tool after. It has made a huge difference in my cutting ability and improved confidence in my cutting skills. Very happy I bought it.

    • marvelousfineart

      Thank you Felica for your review and spreading the word on how great this tool is.

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