John Sollinger – Flippin’ Unglued after Rendering Realistically Mosaic Workshop – July 14, 15, 16 2023


Guest Teacher – John Sollinger ( Solly)
Dates – July 14, 15, 16 2023
Location – Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art
64535 Columbia River Hwy
Deer Island, OR 97054
Cost – $630 food included

Lodging extra

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Solly is coming back to Portland! Join guest teacher John Sollinger (Solly) at Marvelous Mosaic’s Art Studio in Deer Island, Oregon. Located 45 minutes from the Portland Airport.
Our weekend workshop sold out so quickly we opened a second one for everyone.
This workshop is open to all levels of mosaic experience.
Join Solly as he challenges students to work outside their comfort zones, using his signature double reverse technique and apparent disregard for traditional andamento (way of positioning glass pieces to create flow with lines). Create an ungrouted glass-on-glass mosaic wall-hanging for indoor display, using an 8 x 10 inch Skeewbacker board with hanging hardware. Class will begin with a discussion about Solly’s techniques and thought processes for creating realistic mosaics, such as choosing and digitally altering images to be rendered, selecting glass based on value and context, cutting and laying glass, and checking your progress using your phone camera and grayscale. Before beginning to mosaic, students will analyze the image for design elements, such as lines, shapes and values, and principles, such as contrast, balance and symmetry. During construction Solly will strive to help develop each student’s personal expression and style by giving advice and voicing personal opinions but encouraging students to please themselves. As time permits, Solly will discuss framing options and layering for texture, ease of construction and corrections, but framing and layering will happen at home.
Students: bring digital camera (phone cameras are perfect)
Provided: 3 images from which to choose (advanced students may elect to bring their own image – contact Solly), all tools, glass, substrates, adhesive and hanging hardware.
Check out John’s work here.
This workshop comes with a PDF for download with all the tools, materials, resources, step-by-step procedures and list of tips.
*Cost of lodging not included. If you are staying over breakfast lunch and dinner included will. Non over night attendees lunch and dinner is provided.
Cozy cove lodging only $50 a night
Students flying in are recommend to come in a day early. Airport transportation is $75 each way.
*All reservations are final; you will have to option to reschedule within 6 months if you must cancel for an unforeseen reason. Cancelations within 45 days, your spot must be filled to receive full credit, partial credit will be given. Cancel 15 days prior for any reason you will forfeit your credit. Final payments must be received 30 days prior to the event.


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