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GOG Workshop in Sacramento, California

Class is now full as of 9/28/2016 

We are creating a wait-list. If you would like to be on it please contact Robin or Kory.

Glass on Glass Mosaic Workshop
November 19-20 in Sacramento, CA

I have some exciting news! I will be teaching in Sacramento, California. I will bring an exciting twist to teaching GOG. Students will learn my NEWLY designed Three Step Fabrication Method®  to simplify the steps in creating a  Freestyle Flower Garden ®. We will discuss my strip cutting approach to breaking down the glass to patternize flowers. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand how to organize your mosaic from start to finish. I do not strive for perfection; “the art of art is the imperfections.”  It is my goal that I will simplify the process enough to give you “artistic freedom without self doubt”. I strive to build confidence in these classes. I do not teach from a pattern, I teach to use your sketch as only a guideline; you are not restricted to the pattern. I will assist you in creating a balanced one-of-a-kind composition, using my uniquely designed simplified steps. We will focus on several unique cuts and I will provide you with tips and tricks that I use daily. It is a great opportunity to use Mac Glue!

I look forward to meeting some new faces! See you in Sacramento. Remember the class Maximum is 12 and I have had a lot of interest, so contact Robin Moyher to sign up for the workshop rmoy779@sbcglobal.netor Facebook message or call/text at 916-364-8161. A $125 deposit is required to reserve your spot. Payments can be made via check or PayPal.

I look forward to meeting some new faces! See you in Sacramento.


Preview some of Kory’s Freestyle Flower Gardens ® Kory has been extensively improving her process by immersing herself in the studio over the past 4 years, turning a found hobby to a full-time business.

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The two day workshop will be a combination of lecture/slideshow, discussion, Q&A, demos, and hands-on instruction.  We will focus on Glass on Glass (GOG) application, using the direct method to create a stimulating optical effect. The students will up-cycle a cupboard door into a beautiful stained glass mosaic sun-catcher. Students will learn Kory’s Three Step Fabrication Method® to effectively and efficiently construct a Freestyle Flower Garden ® Kory will demo several unique cuts she uses in her gardens, using three tools, nippers, a scoring tool, and running pliers. During this process, you will learn how cut strips to patternize your glass into flowers while maximizing your glass. Kory will demonstrate and discuss a specific nipping style /technique, Glass Shaving® to create a crisp clean edge, using only wheeled nippers. The class will explore how to create movement, using Kory’s signature cut, One-cut Sliver Cut®.  Additional topics covered include: committing to a design, selecting a color pallet, varying opacity, Randomization Method®, balance and composition, creating a one-of-a-kind designs, and incorporating found and unusual items. Kory will discuss grout bleed, adhesives, grout additives, and provide tips and tricks to grouting.  Mac glue will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring additional unique items such as broken jewelry, beads, and tesserae to embellish your mosaic.

There will be a grout demonstration at 2 pm on Sunday. Students are welcome to grout if they have completed the project and glue has dried. If projects are not completed, or dried by 2 pm then a grout package will be available to take home for optional grouting.

This class will be filled with hands-on activities. Each student will have one-on-one time during the workshop.


  • Location: 202 23rd Street Sacramento, CA 95816
  • Hours: 10 am – 5 pm Saturday, and 9 am – 4 pm Sunday
  • Cost: $250 class fee, includes materials
  • Minimum Students: 8
  • Maximum Students: 12
  • Theme: Freestyle Flower Garden®
  • Everyone will be provided a special grouting tool to take home
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own tools and eye protection, although some will be available for first timers
  • Project Base: 14.5″ by 13.5″ outside with glass 10″ by 9”, with option to bring your own framed glass substrate if you desire.
  • Contact Robin Moyher to sign up for the workshop rmoy779@sbcglobal.netor Facebook message or call/text at 916-364-8161.
  • Half non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot; if the class min is not reached or the teacher cancels, ALL deposits and funds will be returned in full.



Large Mosaic Commissions

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Custom Order Stained Glass Mosaics by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic

Stained Glass Mosaic Fine Art can be commissioned to fit your style, design, and color choice. Marvelous Mosaic offers custom designs and creates one-of-a-kind stained glass mosaics. The possibilities are endless and if it can be imagined, Kory can create it. The mosaics are suitable for outdoor under covered areas, but can be created to withstand the direct sunlight and weather. Kory has spent decades using trial and error to find the highest quality products available. The process she uses is similar to laying tile. After she hand cuts all the stained glass, the glass is glued on the glass and then grouted like a shower. The adhesive is UV stable and will not break down, yellow, or crack over time. The grouting method developed provides the grout flexibility, durability, and longevity, making the mosaic something you can pass down from generation to generation.  When you commission a mosaic from Marvelous Mosaic you are buying a lifetime piece of fine art.

Ideas for commissions are endless, if it can be imagined, Kory can create it. Sun-catchers, privacy screens, murals, back-splashes, shower inserts, stairs, outdoor installations and more! Let Kory create your dream mosaic in stained glass and other recycled materials.

Kory offers many special additions to her mosaics, making them very unique and virtually impossible to recreate. She incorporates treasures, gems, jewels, precious stones, and other recycled items like jewelry, gears, beads, and  any unique treasure she can scavenge. Kory also adds family heirlooms to any commission. Think out of the box….Do you have a plate or a piece of jewelry special to you? Kory will personalize any mosaic.

Are you looking for a way to create a tribute for someone or a pet who has passed?Marvelous Mosaic offers special  and unique personalized Memorial Mosaic. You select a theme and color choice and I create the mosaic for you. Ashes are added to the grout to memorialize, your loved one. Contact Kory Dollar for more information on creating a custom mosaic. Email, Text, or Call dollarkory@gmail.com or 360-719-9298.

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“Almond Blossom” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
Almond Blossom is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s 1890 Almond Blossom painting.
Size: 36″ x 36″
Materials: vintage window, mac glue, some pre-1930s stained glass, opal, fire opal, mother of pearl, tigers eye, garnets, and much more!

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“Jo’s Garden,” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
Size: 38″ x 54″
Materials: vintage window, recycled stained glass, recycled vintage beads, amethyst, garnets, dicro, and more!


“Water Lilly’s,” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
Size: two 14″ rounds and two 9″ rounds



Large Stained Glass Mosaic Panels – Dukes Family Winery in Amity, Oregon

Materials: tempered glass, 100+ year old hand pressed 2″ glass jewel, green reflector cabochon from the 50s made in West Germany, dicro glass, Fenton, Pilgrim, Pyrex, pre-1930’s stained glass and more!
panel 1 of 2
Size: 14″ x 74″


panel 2 of 2
Size: 14″ x 74″


This is a shot of the greenhouse before installationvinyard (5 of 8)



For Sale Mosaic Art by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic

“Almond Blossom” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
three sisters journey to paridise
Three Sisters, by Kory Dollar and Angela Burns $2,000


Cherry Blossom by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


dollark (1)
Twilight Meadow by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


wish-upon-a-star-red-goddess-kdollar-marvelous-mosaic (8)
Wish Upon a Star by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


celestial circles]
Celestial Stars by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic



dollark (3)
Oceanic Travel by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic



Nursery by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic



Marvelous Mosaic by Kory Dollar
Zahara, Goddess of Dance, by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


Grandma’s Quilt



Winter Sorrow by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


Marvelous Mosaic by Kory Dollar
“Whoot” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic



Stained Glass Mosaic Sun-Catchers

Kory Dollar is a stained glass mosaic artist from the Pacific Northwest.

Specializing in Glass on Glass (GOG) Mosaic Art.  The majority of Kory’s art is created on up-cycled vintage windows. The windows can hang outside in a covered porch as a sun-catcher, in a window to create a privacy screen, or back-lit to create illuminated art.

She strives to keep items out of the land fill by recycling stained glass, antique bottles, old headlights and taillights, or just about any piece she can find beauty in.

Marvelous Mosaic Accepts Commissions

flower garden kd marvelous mosaic
Free Style Mosaic Flower Garden Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic


“Almond Blossom” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic

cherry blossom kd marvelous mosaic
“Cherry Blossom” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
“Almond Blossoms” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
dollark (2)
“Celestial Suns” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
recycled arts- kd- marvelous mosaic 2016
Mandala by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
dollark (1)
Twilight Meadow” by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
Nursery by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic
dollark (3)
Oceanic Travel by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic

Kory Dollar’s 2015 Show Schedule

View Kory's Flower Series
Flower Garden Series of 2015
View Kory's Mosaic Blossom Series
Blossom Series 2015

Marvelous Mosaic Summer Show Schedule of 2015

June 1 – 30 – Bandon Library – Bandon, OR

June 6 – 7 – Featured Artist at Passion Vine – McMinnville, OR

June 6 – Altered Art Festival – Sherwood, OR

June 28 – 29 – Recycled Arts – Vancouver, WA

July 20 – 23 – Cracked Pots – Troutdale, OR

July 24 – 25 – Camas Days – Camas, WA

August 1-2 – Art Burst – Marylhurst University, OR

August 29 – Camas Vintage and Arts – Camas, WA

October 9 – 11 – Art in the Burbs – Tigard, OR

Kory’s Mosaic Art can be also purchased year around at:

Passion Vine – McMinnville, OR

Tasty Kate’s – Port Orford, OR